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Dot Com Secrets Book PDF: Can You Download This For Free?

Dot Com Secrets Book

Dot Com Secrets Book

Dot Com Secrets Book

The world is rapidly changing – and this has impacted business owners massively over the past few decades.

With the emergence of the internet, business owners continuously must find ways to create a profitable business online.

It doesn’t really matter what type of business you have – if you don’t have a good online strategy, then your business is really going to be crippled. This is only going to become more and more apparent as technology continues to advance more rapidly!

Dotcom Secrets Book
Dotcom Secrets Book

Download Free Book Now

Dot Com Secrets Book

dot com secrets book

If you’re really trying to make money online or get your business profitable online it’s going to take a lot of work, in the beginning,to figure everything out and integrate effective strategies.

Dot Com Secrets Book PDF: Can You Download This For Free? 1

So, why would you start from scratch?

It’s always better to learn from mentors and masters in the space that you’re entering. That’s why you should really look into learning from someone like Russell Brunson, the founder and creator of ClickFunnels, an online sales funnel and landing page creation software juggernaut.

Using his mind, you can rapidly accelerate the learning process and have your business creating tons of online profits FAST.

In this review today, I’m going to go over just one of his books, Dotcom Secrets.

The book itself is actually free (just pay shipping and handling). Furthermore, you can also get the DotCom Secrets audiobook for free too. This means that you have a plethora of effective solutions for your business from a literal master in selling things online without paying anything.

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  • Who Is This Book For?
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  • 1: Ladders and Funnels
  • 2: Your Communication Funnel
  • 3: “Funnelology”
  • 4: Funnels and Scripts
  • 5: ClickFunnels
  • DotCom Secrets Price (Is it Really Free?)
  • Is It Worth It?

Is the DotCom Secrets Book (PDF) Worth Reading?

Grant Cardone, one of the great investors and marketers on the planet today, has read and reviewed Dot Com Secrets! Check it out now!

Dot Com Secrets Book

This book was created in 2015, so the information is actually very relative still (it’s being updated a lot with upgraded information once you access it and are on his email list). It’s a hand-crafted book for people looking to get into digital marketing and scale up a business to 6-figures or more each year.

This 254-page guide shows and details the importance of capturing leads and potential customers for your business. Then, Brunson gives you the keys to the kingdom in acquiring lots of targeted visitors and turning them into paying customers (the essential cornerstone material for a high-functioning sales funnel).

The book gives you tons of real tips and tricks for starting and scaling an online business – with an attention to detail that can only come from master mentors.

Brunson himself has put his teachings to use, as the book itself has sold over 100,000 copies since its release!

You can get the book shipped to you in paper format (just pay shipping and handling) or get the online ebook if you prefer your information immediately, the choice is yours.

If you’re looking to expand your income, then this book is a must-read in my opinion.


Download: Click Here To Get Dot Com Secrets For FREE


Who is Russell Brunson “The Expert Salesman”?

Internet marketing gurus come in all types of flavors. Most of the time, however, they are getting rich quick scheme masters.

They market products to you without ever really having tangible results in a real, sustainable business.

However, Russell Brunson has built a $300+ million company from SCRATCH. This guy is the real deal and knows his stuff. He’s not some guy just peddling some online course and training to you hoping to make a quick buck – he’s in it for the long haul and knows the ins and outs of online marketing.

His ClickFunnels software and system has turned into a global community for hungry entrepreneurs and hustlers. He’s got award-winning training for building a business online (check out the Funnel Hacks webinar for some really revolutionary training!).

Dot Com Secrets Book PDF: Can You Download This For Free? 2

Who Is This Book For?

Are you a hungry entrepreneur who needs ALL of the tips and tricks to get your business insanely profitable?Or, do you want to be that entrepreneur in the future?

Look, learning from the masters is the way every great professional operates. This guy is like the Michael Jordan of building sales funnels and creating businesses online. Would you even consider going to someone else for this training?

Brunson knows his stuff inside and out and has detailed it in this 254-page free book. This book is literally for any business owner on the planet!

Overview of the Book

From start to finish, this book is an online marketer’s essential playbook.

Brunson details the entire history of online business and shows how key changes over time has led to the development of the current digital marketing ecosystem. It’s important to know this history in order to know where mistakes and faults can be made and how to not make these mistakes in your own business.

The book gives you the time-hardened strategies for actually making money online and scaling up a business utilizing the internet. Once you start to see the potential and rapid advancement that can be made online, you’re going to be kicking yourself for not jumping on these secrets earlier.

Let’s go over each of the five essential sections of the DotCom Secrets PDF:Dot Com Secrets Book PDF: Can You Download This For Free? 3

1: Ladders and Funnels

The first step that Brunson introduces in the book is the concept of the “value ladder” and how essential it is to offer a multitude of product and services to your potential customers at key times in order to maximize the actual value that you’re able to extract from each individual lead.

This will then give you an average “value per lead” which is a critical metric that you can use to scale up your business. Essentially, once you know how much an average customer is worth to you, and you are consistently making an effort to increase your “value per lead”, you can spend more and more money on advertising in order to generate more and more sales and make more and more profits (make sense?).

Taking the visual mapping of the ladder analogy, Brunson then transfers this into key steps in the sales process (known as your sales funnel). Once you’ve got the funnel in place, it’s simply a matter of sending traffic to start optimizing for better profits!

2: Your Communication Funnel

Using email marketing can be one of the most profitable business decisions you ever make. ClickFunnels actually has options for email autoresponder integrations to make communicating with your leads easy as pie (not to mention their own outstanding email sequencing also!).

This section of the book is all about communicating with the customer throughout the sales process in order to skyrocket the amount of sales and conversions you’re able to generate for your business.

It’s all about storytelling and selling, using the information in this section of the book can make you a much more effective salesman and give you some essential tools to market ANYTHING properly. This is my favorite section by far!

3: “Funnelology”

The bread and butter of an online marketer is their sales funnel.  This section goes over everything you need to know about designing and implementing effective funnels.

Russell really emphasizes not “reinventing the wheel” when it comes to this stuff. What you need to do is see what other funnels have worked in the past for other companies, and leverage the work laid out beforehand to create profitability fast. Then, it’s just a matter of tailoring the funnel to your own customer base and optimizing accordingly.

Russell has given much more in-depth training on this stuff in his Funnel Hacks online web class (something you can get access to for free also!).

You’re going to learn everything about baiting customers, the essential phases and aspects of each funnel, and the essential elements of any successful sales funnel campaign in this section.

4: Funnels and Scripts

One of the real key aspects of the entire book is laid out beautifully in section four. Definitely, want to pay close attention when reading this one.

Russell gives you in-depth information about some of his top sales funnels that he’s used in the past to generate millions of dollars! It’s important to understand the psychology of the sales funnel and Brunson does a great job at explaining everything properly. He’ll even give you access to some great templates that you can incorporate into your own business.

Hint: You’ll want to really understand the importance of structuring a perfect OTO (one-time offer) also.

5: ClickFunnels

This last section combines everything you learned about into the book and gives you the solution to your problems: the ClickFunnels software. This is Brunson’s baby – his cream of the crop software which has made countless amounts of 6-figure and 7-figure earners over the years! Use Clickfunnels in conjuction with other top tech software to build a sustainable online business today!


  • Great reference guide for beginning or advanced internet marketers

  • Available for free in paperback, pdf, or audiobook

  • Easy to Read

  • In-depth ways to make money from funnels

  • Learn the entire sales process from start to finish

  • Teaches how to optimize your profits to beat out the competition 

  • How to market to customers FOREVER 


  • Brunson does try to sell you on his ClickFunnels software

  • Takes time to implement funnels properly

  • Need to be able to step outside of your comfort zone

DotCom Secrets Price (Is it Really Free?)

So the book retails on Amazon for $11.98 currently and you can get it directly from Brunson for free (but you do have to pay $7.95 shipping and handling, which makes it essentially not free but still not expensive). This is an absolutely essential book for the modern internet marketer, so the shipping and handling charge is well worth it, in my opinion!

Download: Click Here To Get Dot Com Secrets For FREE


Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, this book is ABSOLUTELY worth it. You’re just spending a little bit on shipping and handling but you get so much value out of it that you shouldn’t even question spending the money to get it shipped to you.

If you’re serious about starting an online business, growing your current business, or just learning about the importance of funnels and sales strategies for life, then this book is 100% worth it to you!

The free Dotcom Secrets PDF doesn’t exist – just pay the shipping and handling to get it sent to you (or use the audiobook or ebook, it doesn’t really matter).

Once you’ve bought the book you can use Brunson’s pdf version that he’ll send you.

It doesn’t matter what step you’re at when it comes to online business. If you want to get rich with a real business (not some tacky get rich quick scheme), then you must pick up this book for the valuable information.

Interested in learning more from Russell Brunson, check out Expert Secrets next!

I also recommend that you learn affiliate marketing at the start of your online journey. This is huge and can be accomplished with a simple email autoresponder (free of charge if you choose the right platform!), a free website builder such as Wix or WordPress (or possibly even Squarespace orShopiify) and a free traffic source (check out my Facebook article to see how you can get tons of people to your website for free).

Collecting leads from building cheap websites, getting free traffic and marketing affiliate products to them via email is a super simple way to make money online, and you can parlay this into a next level business such as Shopify dropshipping (always make sure you do your due diligence and set up your website(s) with all the necessary pages, for legal and business purposes).

There is tons of opportunity available online to marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs, the first step you should take is learning from the best of the best – and Russell Brunson really is one of the kingpins of this industry, you’d do well to pick up his books and thoroughly digest this information!


Download: Click Here To Get DotCom Secrets For FREE


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